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Sep 01

Weddings on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

One of the most beautiful places to get married in Australia is surely a beach wedding on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Recently the Gold Coast was awarded again, the most popular destination for Australians looking for a domestic holiday for longer than three nights. So its not surprising that the Gold Coast is also an extremely popular place for couples to tie the knot. There is abundant beautiful beach-side hotel accommodation for the wedding party to stay at to attend a beautiful beach wedding. Then there are also many night-clubs, theme parks, much entertainment, and of course the beautiful beaches and climate for the party to have a bit of fun over the wedding weekend. Thousands of people every year come to the Gold Coast to get married. If you are considering to do so as well, then give the best wedding photographer on the Gold Coast a call - Shree Vella.   Gold Coast Weddings